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On starting over

A few days ago I gave final closure to ale7714 Designs :cry:. It’s something I knew it was coming from sometime now and still hit me when it happened. So, it got me thinking why in this case I’m so nostalgic. In regular basis on my profession, I’m constantly replacing a lot of my work for a ‘better’ solution. Of course, I use fancier terms refactor, optimization, enhancement, among others. Seems only logic to think that ‘letting go’ and ‘change’ should be something ordinary to me.

After some introspection, I understood that I was nostalgic because ale7714 Designs was a project that grew with me. I started while I was studying in college so I put in practice what I had learn on this project. But I immediately realize I would need to use and learn other skills if wanted it to become something more than a hobby. So I started working with others, thinking of creative way of marketing, learning about customer support, networking. I even had those wonderful and rare moments when you see how your work touches someone else’s life (such a fortune). It was a small business where I gained a lot of invaluable experience.

When I graduated from college , I decided to take a break on this project. After all I just graduated and I definitely didn’t have the experience to grow my small business into a real company. I had the energy, the passion, the desire. So I joined a company who had an interesting project for me to work on. I don’t regret my decision because so far I have worked with a lot of amazing and really intelligent people and in different projects. I have improved my professional and managerial skills.

I guess this longing comes from realizing that with ale7714 Designs I first witnessed where my interests lies. I will always be interested in projects where I can learn, grow, be creative, be challenged and give back. No matter how small or big there’s no better motivator than having a purpose.

So why did I titled this post ‘on starting over’? Well, I’m letting go of ale7714 Designs but I’m starting a new project with some friends which I hope will be the place where we are going to nourish our interests and I will not lose sight of what I learnt with ale7714 Designs :sunglasses: :muscle: :sparkles:.