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RailsConf 2015 - Day 2

Aaron Patterson’s keynote

This was a really good talk that I think is worth watching. He talked about what he had been working to improve Rails performance during the last year. One of the things he mentioned is that he worked on making the controller test an integration test framework under the hook, eliminating the controller test framework and optimizing integration tests. So we can expect faster controller tests in Rails 5 :clap:. Also he is working on give Rails the ability to do parallel testing and having cached compiled views, hopefully we will have more news about it soon :pray:.

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What’s happening in your Rails app? Introduction to Introspection features of Ruby by Koichi Sasada

Great talk on how to troubleshoot performance issues and memory consumption issues on your app. He mentioned two of the gems he developed GC::Tracer and AllocationTracer. There’s also a demo where you can see how the information on this tools are shown.

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Building RailsPerf, a toolkit to detect performance regressions in Ruby on Rails core by Kir Shatrov

Kir’s talk was about catching performance regressions. He presented a case of study about when Discourse updated to Rails 4.2rc1. He explained that you should only optimize code when is really need it and for that you have to get metrics. He worked on an automated tool to do that called railsperf (demo) and he also uses rubybench.

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AMS, API, RAILS and a Developer, a love Story by João Moura

He talked about rails-api, a slim version of Rails to build APIs. It will be shipped on Rails 5 :tada:. He also talked about ActiveModelSerializer and made an introduction to AMS 0.10. Some of the new cool features is the new implementation of cache (allows partial cache) following Rails convention.

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Slides here interview to Aaron Patterson

This is a show hosted by Sean Griffin and Derek Prior. They talked about what they are excited about on the new Rails 5, Aaron’s work over the last year and they ended the interview with a Q&A session. I felt it was a good complement to Aaron’s keynote.

Link to the interview coming soon

Lightning Talks

This was a round of quick talks from different speakers. The one that stood up more for me was 5 ways we screwed up Microservices by [Gonzalo Maldonado]( It goes on the same note as Sebastian’s talk on Tuesday about microservices. Some of the others talks topics were teaching kids to program and tools you can use for that, Rails Camp a ‘conference’ weekend without Internet where you work on a project.

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